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Crested Butte has been in my blood all my life. I lived here as a child with my family until we moved back to Texas. Although that was quite a few years ago, I have traveled back to this paradise every time I had the opportunity. I always dreamed of someday making the move back to Crested Butte to raise my kids. We finally did it, and Sotheby’s Real Estate became my business focus.

Upon graduating from Texas Tech University I married a wonderful woman and started a cattle business. Being a cowboy is the dream of nearly every little boy at some point in their childhood, but very few of us ever make it happen. My entrepreneurial spirit and never give up work ethic carried me through a 12 year career as a cattleman and a cowboy. It was exhilarating to spend my days horseback and my evenings in the office, but I was always yearning for the mountains. The years in the cattle industry exposed me to all kinds of people. I was constantly negotiating lease agreements and sales contracts with land owners, livestock brokers and other cattle owners. These skills transfer seamlessly to the real estate industry and have given me a leg up when it comes to negotiating buy and sale contracts for my clients.

Real estate has always been a part of my life. Whether remodeling or building houses, buying and selling land, or developing raw land for residential construction, I have been exposed to and participated in many aspects of real estate. I am confident to say that I bring a unique set of skills to the table that make me a valuable partner to anyone looking to buy, sell or develop real estate in the Crested Butte area.

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Martin Spencer

  • Real Estate Professional
401 Elk Avenue
PO Box 210 Crested Butte, Colorado 81224 Estados Unidos

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