The S*Park site (formerly Sustainability Park) was and is an incubator for sustainable living and community development. In honor of the site history and mother earth, it’s designed to foster eco-friendly living which in turn feeds positive social and cultural interactions.

Each aspect of S*Park was designed with intent, meaning those grasses and trees in the private park are hypoallergenic, increase oxygen, and provide a sound barrier for your BBQ. Wonder why the balconies are metal lattice? That’s so your patio garden has somewhere to climb and you have the added benefit of extra privacy. Even the color of the buildings was selected to reflect the sunlight onto the private park so it can flourish and glow green in return.

Beyond the details and onto the big picture, S*Park also includes a solar community garden from Microgrid Energy so tenants save green while literally saving green. There’s also the Urban Farm and Greenhouse managed by Altius farms where educational programs and community engagement thrive (and the veggies of course). The gist is, S*Park gives back creating a synergy between the built and natural world, neighbor to neighbor, and private community to urban fabric


Liz Richards
Phone: 303.956.2962

Deviree Vallejo
Phone: 303.931.0097

Visit liveatspark.com for more information.