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With the advent of the internet, new paradigms define the working American, and as such the new generations have different tastes. Millennials shift careers more often, leverage technology to work from anywhere, and seek adventure in their homes as well as their lives. The millennial buyer often favors vintage over new projects, downtown locations over suburbs, and desires story and meaning in their spaces and possessions.

These aren't your typical homebuyers, and Paul Witmer isn't your typical real estate agent. Though himself born a baby boomer, Paul's feet march to a tune not unlike that of the current generation. Rather than the path of a company man, Paul has lived all over the world, served in the United States Air Force, owned his own personal training company twice, and raised two adopted special-needs sons during a time when the resources for such parenting were limited. He managed a high end jewelry store in Denver before moving to Atlanta, and now returns home to settle into his dream job.

In real estate Paul has finally found the career he loves, as well as an unexpected niche working with the newest generations of homebuyers. Connection is the cornerstone of his process. Careful listening and a true interest in his clients are how he leads the journey of a lifetime. When speaking with Paul, it is often hard to tell if you're speaking with a youthful soul, a fatherly mentor, or a deeply interested personal friend.

As a member of Liv Sotheby’s International Realty Cherry Creek, Paul brings to the table the unique perspective of a man who has lived many lives, who connects deeply with the new generation of homebuyers, and who truly loves his profession. He serves the Cherry Creek area, where you can find him found working at coffee shops, relaxing at wine bars or enjoying the many venues and restaurants around the area.

Paul brings his life's experience and love for the greater Denver area to his profession. To Paul, every client is a journeyman embarking on the great adventure of their lives. Paul serves humbly as both navigator and guide, facilitating his clients along the path towards one of the greatest decisions of their lives.

Homebuying is one of the most intensely personal journeys of life. Having the right agent is equally personal. Make sure there's someone in your corner who not only has a lifetime of experience, but who also takes the time to truly understand your wants, needs, and desires. Whether you are a millennial homebuyer, a seasoned cherry Creek resident, or an adventurous spirit from any generation, Paul is the agent for you!
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Paul Witmer

  • Real Estate Professional
100 St. Paul Street
Suite 200 Denver, Colorado 80206 United States