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Blake O’Shaughnessy skillfully navigates the nuances of Denver’s competitive real estate market. His savvy approach to every transaction, combined with his professional attitude toward clients and brokers, have firmly established him as a realtor who is trustworthy and always one step ahead. A Denver native, Blake’s robust familiarity with local neighborhoods translates to an insider’s knowledge of what is coming up, a perk he shares with clients to ensure they locate their ideal home in an ideal location. He stays abreast of local trends, and knows which markets are hot, and which neighborhoods are up and coming.

In work and in life, Blake adheres to the philosophy that honesty and good communication are paramount to achieving the best possible outcome. He works hard to create friendly and healthy relationships with other agents and clients. As Blake explains, “We are all in this together and the competitive nature of our business should not create hostile competition or animosity. I enjoy the camaraderie and the notion that the common goal is what drives agents on both sides of every deal.”

Blake’s decade-long career in the oil and gas industry paved the way for a solid understanding and appreciation for the local real estate climate and how to successfully take care of clients’ wants and needs in a highly competitive market. Whether on the buyer or seller side, Blake approaches every deal with a single philosophy: to be mindful in both his personal and professional life and let personal integrity guide every action. To that end, he measures success in terms of what he helps each client achieve and will never encourage someone to purchase a home that is not a good fit just to make a sale.

Blake’s success speaks for itself. He has been recognized as a Top 1% Realtor in the U.S. by Real Trends and the Wall Street Journal in 2020 and 2021 and closed a record sale in Denver Country Club in 2021. He specializes in Denver’s upscale urban areas, including Denver Country Club, Polo Club, Hilltop, Crestmoor, Washington Park, Platte Park, 7th Avenue Historic District and Cherry Creek. A resident of Denver Country Club, Blake has an abiding love of the area’s Old-World charm. He has a deep appreciation for creative design elements that are part and parcel of the development world and is quick to share this enthusiasm with his clients.

Married with three boys and one golden doodle, Blake enjoys golf, skiing, traveling, cooking, and exploring the beauty of Colorado with his family.
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Blake O'Shaughnessy

  • Real Estate Professional
100 St. Paul Street
Suite 200 Denver, Colorado 80206 United States