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Brent Gilles understands the difference between finding clients a house and finding them a home. The fundamental distinction, he believes, is that while there may be lots of houses to consider in a given market, only a handful may truly satisfy the needs and desires of his client. For Brent, his reputation as a highly respected realtor is less about location, location, location, and more about experience, experience, experience. His 26 years spent working in real estate enables him to think outside the box, structuring deals and transactions that help his clients feel great about their experience and know they have made a solid decision. Whether he is showing someone 5 homes or 50, Brent brings enthusiasm and passion to every client.

Brent prides himself on working diligently to make sure everyone -- family, friend, client or even someone he’s just met -- is made to feel important. Putting others first, he believes, brings happiness and success to all, a key factor that brings him a steady base of referrals and repeat clients. He has experienced a wide spectrum of market conditions during his 26 years as a residential broker and imparts that vast knowledge to his clients. Brent’s enthusiasm for his profession stems from the belief that every day is different, and every transaction is unique, beginning with a client’s wants, needs and ultimately their goals. He uses his strong knowledge of current market conditions to successfully navigate transactions in a professional and thoughtful manner.

A Colorado native, Brent is well-versed in the unique neighborhoods that are part and parcel of the Denver metro area. His familiarity with Denver and surrounding suburbs helps him match clients with areas that best suit their needs, and he works tirelessly to help them find the perfect home that will serve them now and in the future. His clients appreciate his candor, and he will not hesitate to point out aspects of a home they may not recognize, discussing pros and cons to ensure they have as much information as possible. “I’m a real people person and I take the time to listen and understand what is best for my client,” Brent says. “My goal is for every client to understand how we can together successfully meet their expectations. My clients value my honesty and know I will never encourage them to consider a property that is not aligned with their wants, needs and goals.”

An avid skier, Brent clicked into his first pair of skis at age three and couldn’t get enough of the sport which filled him with gratitude for his surroundings. Eventually his passion for skiing -- moguls in particular -- led to competing for the Winter Park Freestyle Ski Team. He also enjoys golf, tennis, volleyball, pickleball and loves to take advantage of Colorado’s endless outdoor activities!
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Brent Gilles

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100 St. Paul Street
Suite 200 Denver, Colorado 80206 United States