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Saana Miklo carries a global perspective to each transaction and client relationship. Born in Helsinki, Finland, Saana has lived in Greece, France, and Washington, D.C. but has called Colorado home since 2014.
Her years living abroad and immersion in various world cultures lends her a focus and perspective that can’t be manufactured by anything other than lived experience. It’s a quality that makes Saana an undeniably grounded and highly effective realtor who brings a rare type of interpersonal understanding to the difficulties and joys of finding home.
After Saana pursued a double major at the University of Virginia in Foreign Affairs and French, she worked as a refugee resettlement coordinator, ensuring that refugees were integrated into communities successfully. She sympathizes with people moving from one place to another, whether it’s across the ocean or from one neighborhood to another; she understands it’s a big step and her attention to detail and personal touch never wavers. Her clear-eyed devotion to her clients reveals rich possibilities, even in the most trying times.
Her tireless work ethic is rooted within the personal satisfaction she takes in securing clients their dream outcomes. Her first step is to do a thorough intake process and become intimately acquainted with clients’ needs and desires. She knows the twists and turns that define the buying and selling journey and takes pleasure in successfully navigating these with her clients and delivering them amazing results.
Her experience has been proven in high-stress arenas and Saana can offer remarkable insight and clarity into the pressures of fast-paced Colorado real estate. Saana’s academic focus on conflict mediation and negotiation and her early career in foreign affairs has led her to consider herself a diplomat with the poise, empathy, and grace of a well-adjusted counselor. This background and skill-set is evidenced by her credential as a Certified Negotiation Expert.
Saana guides her clients with a deft, compassionate hand, and further impresses with her depth of market research and business savvy. She holds a Certificate from the McIntyre School of Business Summer Program, a selective and intense program that has provided her with a hardy foundation. She loves to review the numbers and uncover investment opportunities for her clients and assist them in building wealth long term. She knows her clients are placing considerable resources into a transaction therefore she keeps up to date on other markets that influence real estate as well. She provides her clients with the most accurate picture, a quality of service that is well-documented by Saana’s success and client satisfaction.
For Saana, it’s all about finding home. While she’s led a globe-trotting life from a young age, she’s settled in Colorado with her husband Marko and considers it to be the finest place she’s ever lived. She’s mother to two children born in Colorado and launched her career in real estate here. She loves Colorado for its unparalleled climate, awe-inspiring mountains, and high-value entertainment. But there’s another reason too. She describes a personality and lifestyle to anyone who knows Colorado. To Saana, Colorado’s true luxury comes from its people and the happiness and pride they take in the Colorado way of life. She loves how open-minded and eager to connect with one another the people of this state are. Saana has embraced this gentleness and carries this identity through every facet of her real estate portfolio and the world beyond.


"Saana was an incredible realtor for me and my family due to a variety of factors. She is an excellent communicator, was always open to answering every question big and small. She take personal interest in her clients, and makes them feel as if they were family. She is very knowledgeable in the Denver market, and was able to price our home at the perfect amount to get us the most interest and highest and most qualified offers. Our favorite part of working with Saana was her positive outlook and shining attitude. She helped us set reasonable expectations and when we exceeded them, we were all able to celebrate together. I would highly recommend Saana to buy or sell your home with." The Kosickis
Designations/Licenses: Broker
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Saana Miklo

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