LIV Sotheby’s International Realty’s Legacy as Denver’s Top Brokerage Continues with more than 150 Brokers Recognized as Industry Leaders

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LIV Sotheby’s International Realty’s Legacy as Denver’s Top Brokerage Continues with more than 150 Brokers Recognized as Industry Leaders

LIV Sotheby’s International Realty (LIV SIR) is honored to be in association with the award-winning brokers recognized at the Denver Metro Association of REALTORS® (DMAR) 2023 Excellence Awards. The awards ceremony recognized Denver Metro’s top-producing brokers and the achievements of several local brokerages, including more than 150 brokers and two offices from LIV SIR.

Led by the firm’s discerning leadership team, LIV SIR and its expert brokers achieved high honors from DMAR, receiving recognition in 13 of the 20 categories presented.

The Behr Team, a consistently top-ranked broker team, has yet again been named the Top Producing Team by total sales volume in Denver Metro. Last year, The Behr Team achieved $343,737,963 in total sales volume, which represents one of the most significant achievements ever seen from a broker team in Denver Metro. The Behr Team, which includes Josh Behr, Linda Behr, Nicole Scholle, and Jake Mackensen, also earned the No. 1 spot in the Top Producing Team category by number of transactions.

In the Top Partnership category, The Wolfe-Bouc Group—which consists of Ian Wolfe and Chris Bouc—of LIV SIR’s Cherry Creek office, claimed the No. 1 spot by total sales volume. Additionally, Delroy Gill and Stuart Crowell, who work out of LIV SIR’s Denver Tech Center location, were ranked the No. 1 by number of transactions and No. 5 for total sales volume. High honors were awarded to Trish Bragg and Maggie Armstrong of LIV SIR’s Cherry Creek office, who ranked. No. 2 for total sales volume. The Elevated Living Group, which consists of Liz Richards and Deviree Vallejo of LIV SIR’s Cherry Creek office, were awarded No. 3 for total sales volume.

Local real estate expert and LIV SIR broker since 2000, Anne Dresser Kocur was named the Top Individual Broker in Denver Metro by total sales volume at this year’s DMAR Excellence Awards. Dresser, who operates out of LIV SIR’s Denver Tech Center office, has achieved this tremendous honor throughout her career, solidifying her role as an industry leader within the community.

Joanne Ernstsen was the recipient of the coveted Oliver Frascona Lifetime Achievement Award. Making her own path in real estate, Joanne has been a leader through it all: Managing Brokers across multiple offices, serving CAR, DMAR President, pioneering standardized contracts, founding real estate companies plus mentoring and inspiring thousands along the way.

Scott Frank’s recognized as the top contributor to The REALTORS® Political Action Committee an organization dedicated to protecting and promoting homeownership and the real estate industry.

In addition to these awards, more than 150 individual brokers, partnerships, and teams from LIV SIR were recognized for their outstanding achievements during 2022.

Diamond Status Honorees

Mckinze Casey, Kylie Russell, Shannon Tiger, Lark Stewart, Casey Miller, Patti Maurer Williams, The Elevated Living Group, which consists of Liz Richards and Deviree Vallejo, and Rule Properties, which consists of Erin and Ben Rule.

Titanium Status Honorees

Ann Durham, Michelle Seward, Maria Vitale, Douglas D. Kerbs, Gwenivere Snyder, Tammy Cooper, Connie Kraska, The Brennan Group, which consists of Jane Brennan and Beckett Brennan, and the Heather and Sean Team, which consists of Heather Graham and Sean Endsley.

Platinum Status Honorees

Elaine Stucy, Jennie Parson, Blake O’Shaughnessy, Holly Carpenter, Taylor Heslop, Coleen Sanders, Ammy Nguyen, Sarabeth Jones, Leisa Sollenberger, Leigh Flanagan, Kate Perry, Greg Cox, Molly Weiss, Katie Hoster, Ryan J. Mulstay, Scott Petersen, Whitney Cain, Chris Merman, Garrett Beserra, Symantha Rodriguez, Lisa Fallon, the Robin Lake Team, which consists of Robin Lake, Bob Persichetti, and Armie James, the Ciancio Team, which consists of Dee and Steve Ciancio, and the Joseph-Haarer Group, which consists of Justin Joseph and Ryan Haarer.

Gold Status Honorees

Karina Stevens, Emily Henderson, Chandler Fendler, Angela Hacker, Crystal Hodge, Lisa Jones, Lana Cordier, Jenny Kurpinsky, Sarah White, Joy Castillo, Joey Hoisescu, Nancy Levine, Janet Kritzer, Janci Lowry McClafferty, Todd Crosbie, Ann Atkinson, Susie Langford, Gail Wheeler, Tricia Campbell, Dyllan Nguyen, Carly Olson, Debbie Zucker, Bobbi Lou Miller, and Jennifer Dechtman.

Silver Status Honorees

Nilmini Senanayake Hecox, Georgia Gallagher, Jonathan Danton, Jennifer Antonio, Christine Nicholson, Jewel Brown, Jan Nelsen, Laura Hooker Daniels, Heather Brecl, Kristin Michas, Joanne Ernstsen, Adana Leonard, Donna Ryan, Debra Fagan, Stacy Owen Resop, Olivia Monday, Larry Simpson, Jonathan Goldberg, Holly Coors, Ronda Chapleski, Anna Savier, Kelly Tierney, Chris and Leslie Mease, and the Jeff Bernard and Kathy Staiano Team.

Bronze Status Honorees

Kris Kerr, Chris Denny, Ron Martinez, Lori Ann Drew, Milena Joy, Les Pfenning, Joy Pursell, Liesja Antieri, Ron Feldman, Bradley Brallier, Becca Damiano, Susan Evans, Amie MacKenzie, Lindsay McBride, Brett Kotal, Joy Nowakowski, Andrea Noufer, Shana Lurie, Beth Sand, Eva Barkman, Cherie Wahl, Tracy Carter, Annichen Kassel, Aaron Luttrell, Christy Andrisen, Brooke Burgamy, Susan Sweeney, Saana Miklo, Mark Jacobsma, Melissa Richards, Kara Wetherill, Deborah Simon, Laurie Brennan, Lauren-Claire Poitevent, Alison Maltese, Wendy Fryer, Kelly Baca, Larry Fullerton, John Ludwig, Stephen Blank, Tim Thein, Gina Burke, and Steve Redmond.

In addition to the individual, partnership, and team recognitions, LIV SIR’s Cherry Creek and Denver Tech Center offices also received awards for their overall achievements. For offices with 51-75 agents, LIV SIR’s Denver Tech Center office won the No. 1 spot for both sales volume and number of transactions. LIV SIR’s Cherry Creek office was awarded the No. 1 spot for both sales volume and number of transactions within the category for offices with 101-200 agents.

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