Four Design Trends to Watch in 2022

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Four Design Trends to Watch in 2022

With each new year, the way in which we decorate our spaces change. Colors, patterns, and textures flow in and out of style as our taste evolves. This year, consumers can expect to see richer colors, more creative takes on traditional trends, and splashes of exciting fabrics and materials making their way into our homes. Check out these styles that experts have forecasted to be the hottest looks in interior design this year.

Photo source: Bear Hill Interiors

Shades of Brown

This year, neutral hues are going to be huge. Earthy tones such as tan, rich chocolates, and warm amber will be all the rage. Browns are less harsh than striking black or charcoal colors but add more character than the ever-popular gray colors that has been dominating the design scene in recent years. Whether its wood, leather, or fabric, using shades of brown in your interior design will help elevate your space for years to come.

Sculpture-Inspired Furniture

Create more visual interest with uniquely-shaped accent furniture. These artistic takes on staple pieces of furniture such as coffee tables, accent tables, and couches take any room from basic to beautiful.

Art-Forward Rooms

7793 Elk Path Way, in Morrison, is listed by Mckinze Casey for $$2,750,000.

In 2022, creative expression is everything. Art will be the centerpiece of a lot of interior design strategies this year. Whatever your personal style or art is, let it shine. Showcasing how you feel on the inside throughout your home is a great way to make your home a reflection of your truest self.

Pops of Purple

Pantone recently named “Very Peri” as its 2022 Color of the Year. A bold blue with a violet-red undertone, you can expect to see the shade show up in everything from furniture to decor. This bright yet cool-tones color can add a jolt of energy or a sense of calm serenity depending on how its used in the home.

Natural Touches

Getting back to nature with the incorporation of house plants and outdoor-inspired colors has been a hot trend for the last year since many of us were still spending much of our time indoors. This style will continue to influence design this year with a heavier emphasis on mixing textures and materials to enhance the atmosphere and organic feel of your home.


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