Your Table Is Ready: Delicious Thanksgiving table decor

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Your Table Is Ready: Delicious Thanksgiving table decor

November is a time for gathering and giving thanks for the things that make life so special. The dining table is quite ofter the centerpiece of these holiday get togethers so adding a little something extra to dress up your place setting is a fun way to spice up your meal. Here are a few ideas to inspire your own take on table decor this season.

Incorporate Fall Foliage

The colors of the season are inspired by the natural hues that surround us during this time of the year. Purchase a few sprigs of faux flowers or go outside and collect some dried autumn leaves from your own backyard to add a pop of color to your table.


Try a Bold Table Cloth

Protect your furniture and make a statement with a fun patterned or brightly colored table cloth. Draping an eye-catching fabric over your table is an easy way to instantly dress up any setting.


Add a Show-Stopping Centerpiece

Give your guests something to talk about with a creative centerpiece. Baskets, lanterns, and seasonal gourds are always good choices. Candles are always a nice edition as well as long as they are carefully watched for safety!



Give the Table a Personal Touch

When hosting close family or friends, it can be fun to incorporate a selection of your favorite photos into the table decor. This is a simple gesture that reminds your guests of the memories that have been made together. Add a few framed pictures to your centerpiece or scatter prints of the photos across the table for all to enjoy.

Select the Perfect Seat

Give your guests the gift of the perfect spot at the table this holiday season. Adding name cards to your table setting gives it more formal and thoughtful feel. Each guest feels special in their carefully selected spot with their own personalized name card. Try placing the card in a pinecone or writing their name on a piece of wood for a more rustic feel.

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