Showered with Style: Four Must-See Bathrooms in Colorado

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Showered with Style: Four Must-See Bathrooms in Colorado

As the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers. And while the gentle rain we expect during this time of the year brings our gardens to life and energize our environment after the long winter, the showers in our homes give us that same feeling everyday. Our bathrooms should be a place where we can unwind or reinvigorate after a long day.

Here is a tour of some of the most unique showers in Colorado:

6917 Timbers Drive in Evergreen is listed by Corinna Bandemer for $6,350,000.

Start your day off with surrounded by earth tones. These natural hues and textures can have a calming effect and provide a soothing space to prepare for the day ahead of you. A rain shower head,  that allows water to cascade down form the ceiling, brings you even closer to nature for a spa-like experience everyday.

For those that refer a relaxing soak in a bath tub, this is the ultimate bathroom retreat. Encompasses by nature and natural light, this tub allows you to melt away your stress and be transported tor a spa or resort without

175 Elk Bugle in Wolcott is listed by Dawn Mullin for $7,985,000.

having to leave home. The serene setting offers enviable views of the surrounding meadow with still providing privacy and seclusion.

Even kids can appreciate a well-designed bathroom. For younger bathers, this space can be all about fun, imagination, and making part of their daily routine something to look forward to. Vivid colors, bold patterns, and kid-sized amenities, such as this miniature claw foot tub, can bring their space to life. This sparkling, bright blue bathroom is inspired by Disney’s hit animated film, “Frozen,” and is fit for any little prince or princess.

Bold colors and fun design elements don’t have to be limited to children’s bathrooms, adults can explore daring design trends too. Check out this colorful showers! The eye-catching shapes and exciting shades splashed across the shower doors add a little more “fun” to your functional space. You could also experiment with color by adding more subtle accessories such as towels in your favorite colors, an accent wall with a patterned wallpaper, or decorative items on your vanity.


12795 Oak Cliff Way in Colorado Springs is listed by Anne Dresser Kocur for $5,750,000.

Take “me time” to the next level in this unique master bathroom design that features two separate showers. Having your own private shower that you don’t even have to share with your partner is bathroom goals! Like something out of a spa, this expansive shower set up is ideal for those who want to savor their shower in peace.

To see more incredible bathrooms, visit to discover our selection of some of Colorado’s most extraordinary homes.


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