Making a House Your Home: Design Tips from Our Brokers

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Making a House Your Home: Design Tips from Our Brokers

With so many people buying and selling homes right now, there are plenty of opportunities spruce up your space. Whether you are moving into a new home and adding a personal touch to make it your own, or prepping your house to be placed on the market, adding a few design details can give it a little something special. Here are some quick and easy decorating tips to help you transform your space from boring to beautiful!

Incorporate Accent Pillow

Sometimes all a room needs is a touch of softness. Adding throw pillows to your decor gives you the opportunity to include a pop of color, a fun pattern, or an interesting texture in a room without the commitment of repainting or buying new furniture. Try adding some rich jewel-toned pillows in the fall and brighter colors in the summer to spice things up without breaking the bank.

Aim High with Tall Ceilings

Who doesn’t love the look of tall, vaulted ceilings? Sky-high ceilings make rooms feel much larger and more spacious but they can also be more daunting to decorate. When designing a room with tall ceilings, think big. Oversized paintings, mirrors, and decor are perfect for pairing with large walls. Bring the outside in by adding real or faux trees and greenery to draw the eyes upward. This is also your chance to make a statement with a large chandelier or light fixture.

Let the Light Shine In

While heavy drapery and window dressings can add drama to a room, they also block out a lot of light. Let the sun illuminate your space by removing bulky drapes and blinds. This cleaner, more sleek window look allows more flattering, natural light to fill your home for a boost of brightness and energy.

Back to Nature

Many of us turn to nature to find relaxation and peace. Bring that feeling into your home by incorporating natural elements into your interior design. Organic textures such as stone, natural fibers, and wood paired with neutral color palettes and greenery will make your home feel more calm and serene.

As you begin to rethink your home’s aesthetics, take these tips into consideration for simple style updates you can make in one weekend.


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