Andi Leahey – People of LIV

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Andi Leahey – People of LIV

At LIV Sotheby’s International Realty, our people make the difference! Learn more about one of our remarkable brokers, Andi Leahey, in her personal Q&A.

How long have you been in the real estate industry for? I started in real estate in 2006.

What initially drew you to the real estate industry? It was by chance actually. I was in between careers at the time and had dinner with two friends in real estate that I now work with ironically and they encouraged me to try it because they said I was a “people person”, had an eye for style, and a good rapport with people. Who knew almost 15 years later I’d still be helping clients find their homes!

What has been your biggest accomplishment in your career? I honestly think that coming to LIV Sotheby’s International Realty in 2018 was a big turning point for my career. It was a bit daunting and I’d always known what an amazing company it was so I think now that I’m here, I’m very fortunate and when I tell people who I work for I always get a response that makes me feel like I’ve made the right decision.

What makes LIV Sotheby’s International Realty unique? The brand is special in so many ways. I’ve always been one to appreciate style, elegant things, and sophisticated homes; I feel like Sotheby’s is the epitome of all of those things. Not only in real estate but in art, jewelry, and all of the luxury goods that fall under the company’s name. It has rich history and that richness is very much incorporated into my own lifestyle I think. I’m weird that way, I like old classic things much more than new shiny things.

What is a trend that you are keeping your eye on right now in the industry? Technology has taken a front seat in our industry and we have some of the best of it at our company. We can literally create a room that is chic and elegant from nothing through virtual staging! Now even a house that isn’t bright and shiny can feel that way to the public and there is endless opportunity to help clients visualize what a home could be, which is fantastic!

Personally, what drives you in this industry? There is nothing more rewarding than closing on a home for someone that is either at the first exciting milestone or chapter in their life or perhaps helping someone at a not-so-great time in their lives to be less stressful or painful. I consider it a great service to be a part of all the reasons people choose to buy or sell a home.

What are you passionate about? I’m very passionate about a lot of things outside of the office. I love cooking and having dinner parties for all kinds of occasions. Nothing alleviates stress more for me than being in the kitchen with loud music playing. I also love animals and can’t imagine life without dogs, horses and basically any creatures – I’m that girl that catches spiders and puts them outside. My family is a big part of my free time and as an only child, I’m very lucky to have such cool parents that like to hang out and go to museums, travel the world, and spend time together.

What are your hobbies/interests outside of the office? I love traveling and spent a year living in Italy about 12 years ago. It was a life long dream to live abroad and I’ll never forget the experiences I had while I was there. I went on my own with my dog and traveled all over Europe. It was such a magical time in my life! I love to go hang out with friends, do yoga and then have a glass of wine afterward. Life is about balance and some days it’s more balanced than others!

What’s your favorite part about living and working in Colorado? I have grown up in Colorado and it truly is a special place. I started skiing when I was three years old and have never stopped. I’m in awe of the scenery when I drive to the mountains, which I do often and no sunset is ever the same, that is for sure. We are spoiled here with our weather and when I need to see water, it’s a short trip to find some! Sunny days make for a better disposition I’ve decided and Denver certainly has a lot of them. It’s also become pretty “hip” in the last few years and I love it all!

What community do you live in? What do you like about it? I have lived in the areas surrounding Cherry Creek for almost 25 years now and I love the vibrancy of this area. I had my first apartment in Cherry Creek when I was 22 and could barely afford the rent. I currently live in the Hilltop area, which is great and growing rapidly! I can walk to my favorite spots, take the dogs to so many parks, and I never get tired of walking the neighborhoods filled with historic homes mixed with modern styles and always getting a wave from someone.

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