Out to Lunch with Scott Webber

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Out to Lunch with Scott Webber

2018 marks a prominent year for LIV Sotheby’s International Realty, amidst the celebration of 10 successful years of partnership with the Sotheby’s International Realty brand. Scott Webber, President of the firm, greatly values this milestone as he continues to build on his 40+ years of experience in real estate brokerage. What’s his secret to tenured success, both individually and within Colorado’s leading real estate brokerage firm? We sat down with Webber to learn more about his career, the past and future of the firm, and to learn a bit more about the local real estate titan himself.

Growing up in a mountain town, Scott Webber has always had a passion for life and adventure. Fittingly, Webber grew up as a competitive alpine ski racer, and actually dedicates much of his success to what he learned on the slopes.  “Even though I wasn’t a superstar,  I learned and benefited more from the process of mental and physical preparation and training, and from the spirit of competition and the speed, than from the outcome of the race. I learned to understand my vision, create a plan, then work relentlessly to achieve that vision.”

As a third-generation real estate professional, Webber was influenced from a young age by his father and grandfather making a successful living in the industry as developers. He became a Realtor in 1976 to help subsidize his education and ski racing hobby.  In 1980 he opened his first office in Salt Lake City after graduating from the University of Utah.  He committed to the field as a career because he liked the sales/straight commission-orientated business, and especially the big-ticket sales.  He has remained committed to and has achieved long term success in the business, because he appreciates the opportunity it presents to make a difference in the lives of people.

“Whether it’s brokers, support staff, clients, vendors, or the community, real estate is an industry where you have incredible exposure to a wide variety of people. This is an industry where you can truly make a difference in the world and in the local community. I feel very lucky to have found a field that is so dynamic, progressive and important.”

Today, residential real estate continues to increase by impressive numbers, with 5.51 million homes sold in 2017 and another 612,000 newly constructed homes sold (reported by the National Association of REALTORS® and the U.S. Census Bureau). 

Over the years, Webber has received numerous awards for his career in real estate including the “Top 200 Most Powerful People in Residential Real Estate” by SP200, multiple accolades from REAL Trends, and his most recent, the “Lifetime Achievement Award” recently announced by Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate. For Webber, success is all about establishing ambitious goals and being relentless in achieving them.  “You can’t let yourself take your eye off the ball. When you start something, you have to finish it.”

Since 2008 Webber has led LIV Sotheby’s International Realty, now the leader in Colorado luxury real estate, and the No. 1 top producing Sotheby’s International Realty affiliate company in the world. Originally starting with four offices, the growth of the firm has been exponential to now 16 offices throughout Colorado and over 400 brokers and support staff. Over the years of growth and expansion, Webber has witnessed and experienced the extreme ups and downs of real estate. The firm’s outstanding team and his determination are what kept him going through the tough times.

“We went through about three years of serious, serious survival. I realized how valuable our association with the Sotheby’s International Realty brand was. Especially during times of uncertainty, clients maintained a higher level of trust due to the brand’s reputation and professionalism.”

As a strong believer in purchasing real estate to establish a certain lifestyle and as an investment, Webber is satisfied to see the firm help people make financial decisions that impact their lives in a positive way. A significant part of the LIV Sotheby’s International Realty business is helping clients establish second homes, which to Webber creates an unmatched lifestyle for buyers and their families. “Second homes provide an opportunity to bring families closer together, create memories, strengthen relationships, and enjoy the Colorado lifestyle to the fullest.”

This year the firm celebrates 10 years with the Sotheby’s International Realty brand, which has brought a new level of excitement for the future. As Webber states when thinking about the future of the firm, “we’ve accomplished a lot, but the best is yet to come.”

What does he mean by this? The firm has been affiliated with the Sotheby’s International Realty brand for 10 years now and Webber attributes much of the success to the brand and the incredible global network and resources that it provides.  “Everyone associated with LIV Sotheby’s International Realty has grown, both personally and professionally.   There have been sacrifices and investments. Everyone here is a stakeholder. Collectively we’ve matured and evolved to be in a unique position to benefit from that.  Now, our firm is positioned better than ever to serve our clients at an even higher level.  We’re deeply committed to working hard to do those things that strengthen our value to our clients, and to continue to reach new heights over the next 10 years.”

Celebrating the future ahead does not equal complacency for the firm.  As the market leader, Webber is committed to working hard to continue the drive for success. “Innovation is a part of the DNA of our firm.” Webber shares that innovation is an important part of the firm’s success, and is proud to offer advanced options such as virtual staging, augmented reality, and high-quality video to clients. Innovation takes time, money and risks, something that Webber is familiar with from both his personal life and his professional career.

“You never know where life will take you. Looking back, it’s amazing how certain decisions end up being profound and you don’t necessarily take them seriously at the time. I’ve had the good fortune of making decisions that turned out to be great ones.”

Webber also notes the importance of unwinding, and for him, he enjoys spending time with his family and appreciating the world-class offerings of the Colorado lifestyle. In addition, he is an instrument-rated private pilot and finds that aviation is his therapy. “When you get out of the car and  into the plane, you’re forced to completely change your mindset. When I’m flying, there are no interruptions.  My mind is in a completely different place”

Webber, as well as the rest of the LIV Sotheby’s International Realty team, are grateful for this wonderful past, but even more excited about the future ahead.

“I am humbled and thankful every day to have the privilege of working with so many amazing people. The caliber of people we have attracted is a huge compliment.  We have a huge responsibility to serve and support them every day. That’s something that we take very seriously.”

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