Emerging Career Trends in Real Estate; Post Collegiate Brokers Take Industry by Storm

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Emerging Career Trends in Real Estate; Post Collegiate Brokers Take Industry by Storm

Once considered to some a second, or tertiary career, real estate career trends are changing. For the first time, Colorado’s newest crop of successful brokers are bypassing false career starts, and hitting the ground running – straight from accredited universities, into careers in real estate. They are youthful, tenacious, and market savvy – and they are charging head first into real estate – an increasingly desirable career that’s bringing them financial success.

“As the market has gained momentum, the industry has seen a renewed interest from college graduates in careers in real estate. 46% of new agents entering the business come with a strong, professional background in sales, according to the National Association of REALTORS,” said Shannel Ryan, managing broker of LIV SIR’s Cherry Creek office. “New brokers are coming to us naturally equipped with the most crucial skill set needed to succeed in the industry.”

LIV Sotheby’s International Realty has welcomed an influx of these real estate stars and starlets and their ultra savvy use of technologies in their daily lives, including social networks, blogs, podcasts and use of smartphones, gives them an immediate competitive advantage over less tech oriented agents in the industry.

Mckenney TeamTwo of these tech-savvy trendsetters include LIV SIR Brokers, Katie and Ellese McKenney, of the McKenney Team.

Since 2013, the McKenney sisters have grossed over $12 million in sales and completed 24 transactions. Their success with selling seven town homes in their first year of brokerage, most notably a triplex, recognized as a pioneer product for the Broadway Mile neighborhood, at a higher price per square foot than what the neighborhood had ever seen- was unprecedented. Similarly, in December of 2014, the sisters’ closed the first of four duplex units in Rosedale for $370/sq. ft., the highest price per square foot the neighborhood had ever seen.

Despite their proven success, the duo has encountered the stigma that the millennial generation seems constantly distracted by multiple tasks, a charge The McKenney Team believes to be their greatest strength.

“Handling multiple transactions, means having dozens of balls in the air at one time. Our energy and ability to focus on the details of multiple transactions, we believe, gives us an advantage over those who have more experience,” said Katie McKenney.

Stereotypes aren’t the only obstacle the two young women have faced, and this dynamic team isn’t one to shrink from a challenge.

“We remember walking into a meeting we were hosting at one of our listings with at least six men who had at least 20 years on us,” said McKenney. “We were immediately looked over and judged as irrelevant to the conversation that was about to take place. However, once we presented the information we had prepared for the meeting, every one of those men took notice that we might just be the most valuable people in the room.”

For the McKenney’s, being the most informed person in the room eradicates any relevance that age is a factor in the real estate industry, and has made them the agents to list multi-unit residential complexes in up and coming neighborhoods.

Taylor HeslopAnother LIV SIR Broker with youth is on his side, is Taylor Heslop. Valedictorian of his high school class, Heslop earned a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Business Management with a Minor in Economics at the University of Colorado, Denver, and directly after college, entered the world of real estate.

Heslop attributes his success to the excitement surrounding real estate he experienced at a young age, watching his father buy and refurbish homes. From that, Heslop developed a keen eye for homes with potential. Between his early exposure to real estate and the work ethic ingrained in him by his upbringing, his age has proven to be a benefit, not a detractor.

“The funny thing is, people tend to be more impressed by the fact I’ve accomplished so much at a young age rather than put off by it,” said Heslop, a broker with LIV SIR. “The truth of the matter is, if you go into a client meeting with confidence, enthusiasm and outstanding market knowledge, they’re going to be asking where to sign the paperwork, not how old you are.”

Ethan Bullock Another rising star is 34 year old Ethan Bullock. An internship with a real estate developer the summer he graduated college, launched his acceptance into Toll Brothers’ management development program, where he worked as a project manager in their New York Metro Division. A desire to move west prompted his earning his broker’s license in Colorado, and since, he has recently had his first full-circle client, selling and buying a home.

While age is just a number, the commitment to excellence that these brokers demonstrate is in perfect alignment with LIV Sotheby’s International Realty, the lifestyle oriented brokerage that houses them.

“LIV Sotheby’s International Realty has always attracted the incredibly experienced Brokers who are top in their field,” said Ryan. “We are thrilled to be able to embrace a select few brokers new to the industry coming from a strong background in sales, negotiation, and customer service. The bar to enter our organization is high and each new hire has assimilated into our culture of exceptional performance and rigorous standards.”

For more information, contact LIV Sotheby’s International Realty, managing broker, Shannel Ryan, of LIV SIR’s Cherry Creek office at 303.523.6257. To service all of your real estate needs visit www.livsothebysrealty.com

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