What Buyers Look for in an Agent – 6 Critical Factors

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What Buyers Look for in an Agent – 6 Critical Factors

Today’s home buyers have access to all the information they need to find the perfect house—so why even bother hiring an agent? Here is why. Online resources like Trulia and Zillow, along with a myriad of brokerage websites have increased buyers’ choices exponentially – but these sites can only take you so far. It turns out, most people don’t want to sift through a mountain of information alone. That is what Real estate agents are for, but selecting the right agent is key. An expert real estate broker will offer invaluable insight into the market, saving you time and money. Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate reports six factors that sophisticated buyers desperately want from their realtor.

The Truth
With such a wealth of information at their disposal, buyers need someone to strip away the distractions and give them direction. They need a broker who is not afraid to state the honest truth—and then come up with a workable plan of action.

A Translator & Advisor
Unless you’re a realtor, it can be a challenge to understand the nuances of a transaction. Buyers want a broker who can answer their questions and advise them of their best options in any situation. When contract terms are being negotiated, many buyers want a professional who can take charge, and not leave them to make an uninformed decision.

They hired a broker for their professional expertise—but they’d still like to make the executive decisions. People want to work with a broker who can clarify the pros and cons of every choice without being pushy.

Customer Service
Working with a good broker means not having to do all the leg-work. Buyers want a person who knows the neighborhoods, can schedule their showings, and anticipate their needs. Clients also expect a good broker to keep their emotions in check during the process.

Professional Expertise
The primary reason people hire brokers? Their knowledge of the industry. Buyers want someone who knows more about real estate than they do.

Someone Who Cares
The ideal broker gives firm advice and direction without discounting their clients’ feelings. They are able to empathize with the wants and needs of the buyer while still gently steering them in the right direction.

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